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Concrete Botanicals

Concrete Botanicals are handcrafted in Eufaula, AL by Laura Sonnen Cutchen using leaves native to the area.

A custom mix of concrete is applied to a leaf and left to dry in the sun for a few a few days. After the leaf is removed, the remaining concrete leaf is left in the sun to dry. The leaf is then sanded to remove rough spots and paint is applied in layers until the desired result occurs. A clear coat is then applied.

Concrete Botanicals are fragile and for decorative use only. They are not microwave or dishwasher safe. Do not use Concrete Botanicals as a cutting board. Small felt pads are suggested for leaves placed on glass or wood to prevent scratching.


About Scrapwood Angels

Scrapwood Angels are a creative collaboration from Laura and Arnie Cutchen using banisters, old fence posts, spindles, tin, and wood cast offs. Repurposed goods are given new life and made with love in Eufaula, AL.